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Putting On Your First Live Church Concert Event? Remember These Tips

Securing the appearance of a popular singer for your church is a thrilling prospect. You might have been surprised to get a "yes" from them, but when you do, it's time to start moving. A live event production requires some actions that a typical worship meeting doesn't, and if you want to make it a special time for your congregation and a smooth experience for the performer, remember these suggestions:

Give Out Tickets

You may be publicizing the event in local newspapers and in other ways throughout the community. If you're hoping to pay some costs for the event or to raise money for a church initiative, you're likely already selling tickets. However, even if the event will be free, it's still wise to give out tickets for those attending. If the performer is more popular than you originally thought, having a packed church seems like a good idea in theory until you're turning people away or people in the building need medical attention. To keep everyone inside comfortable and to ensure you're complying with local fire codes, ticketed entry is preferable.

Get More Help

Even if you imagine that the performer will have their own staff there to set up equipment and the stage, it's wise to have your own people on hand as well. In fact, you should enlist more help than you're thinking you'll need. There may be a need for people to head out to local stores for equipment replacement parts, for instance. The performer may appreciate help selling CDs and other promotional materials. Their crew might have questions about the church structure or acoustics.

Don't forget that those coming to the event will need to be guided toward seating and told where the restrooms are. The more people you have helping, the better the event will go.

Secure Transportation or an Escort

The performer may travel on their own bus and their driver may have GPS. In spite of that, it's your responsibility to make certain the performer gets to your church. You might arrange airfare, collect the performer from the airport, or meet them at a specific location. This will ensure they're arriving at your church on time without getting lost and that any needs they have can be transmitted to your church crew before they arrive. If they do come with a bus and large crew, meet them anyway and have them follow your own vehicle to the church.

An exciting, successful concert performance in your church can only take place when you're using information like the tips here. Professionals who specialize in live event productions can further help your congregation.

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