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How To Commission A Hand Painted Portrait From An Artist

To memorialize and celebrate a specific person, event, or time in your life, consider having a hand painted portrait created. These one-of-a-kind paintings are distinctive creations that you can commission from a contemporary artist. One advantage of having a hand painted portrait commissioned is that each artist expresses their own interpretation of an image that cannot be duplicated by any other artist. An artist will use their own drawings and/or photographs to plan and design a commissioned portrait painting. The artist then translates those preliminary ideas and sketches into a painting with a specific point of view. Here are some things to consider when you commission an artist to hand paint a portrait for you: 

  • Research Painting Styles - Before you enter into an agreement with an artist to create a portrait for you, find historical and contemporary portraits that you like so that you can show these examples to potential artists to specify the type of painting that you would like to have created. You can find portrait paintings in museums, galleries, art history books, art exhibition catalogs, libraries, and websites. 
  • Find an Artist - While you research portrait paintings that you like, find out if any of the contemporary artists that you like will work on commission. Once you have found an artist that you would like to commission, research how you can contact that artist directly to inquire about painting a portrait for you. 
  • Collaborate With The Artist - Once you have contracted with an artist, collaborate with him or her to choose a pose and painting style for your hand painted portrait. Show the artist copies of the portrait paintings that you like and ask him or her if these poses and styles can be appropriate for your commissioned painting. Specify if you would like to have a head and neck portrait, half-figure portrait, or full-figured portrait. Be specific about the background and other objects and details that you would like to have included in your commissioned painting. Once an artist knows what you are looking for, they can advise you as to the feasibility of your choices and the fee he or she charges for commissioned work. 
  • Choose a Painting Medium and Surface - Specify the painting medium and surface that you would like to have for your commissioned portrait. Contemporary artists can work in oil paints on linen or cotton canvas, watercolor and/or gouache on rag paper, and acrylic on linen or cotton canvas. An artist can also paint a portrait on wood or metal. Each of these different painting mediums and surfaces has their own distinctive look and finish. Your commissioned artist can guide you in the best selection to make that will result in the type of portrait that you wish to have. To learn more, speak with a business like Our Day Art.


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