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3 Excellent Reasons To Use 3D Foam For Sculptures

If you want a large structure to be created for some type of event, a great option is going to be to have this structure created from foam. 3D effects are used when creating the foam structure, allowing them to look very realistic. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to use 3D foam for sculptures. 

They Are Precisely Created Using Computer Imaging

The process of creating a 3D foam sculpture begins with computer imaging. The object that you want to be made into a 3D foam structure will be placed on a 3D scanning table and a laser will then scan the entire image. This image is then uploaded onto a computer and from there can be corrected to fix any imperfections in the image. The foam is then cut using a precision cutting tool and then sanded until it is smooth. From there, the foam is then coated completely with a hard coat and painted to finish it off. This gives it a very realistic look and creates an amazing foam structure. 

You Can Have Them Made In Any Size That You Would Like 

Even if the model that you have for the 3D image is very small, you can still have this image turned into a foam structure of pretty much any size that you can think of. For example, you can give the company creating your 3D foam sculpture a 2-inch tall lion toy, and then can turn it into a 10-foot tall lion sculpture. This is due to the high definition lasers that take a detailed and precise digital image of the object, thus allowing it to be blown up while still keeping the proportions intact and including the intricate details. 

Entire Themes Can Be Created From Foam

You aren't just limited to single sculptures and characters when you have 3D foam structures made. You also have the option of having entire themes created from 3D foam for certain events. For example, if you are doing a stage play and would like to have a city theme created, you can have the buildings, the storefronts, the benches, the light poles, and all other aspects of the scene created from the 3D foam. This can be done for each scene of your stage play. The great thing about using foam to create entire themes is that it is light and very easy to move around in between each scene. 

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