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4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day is sure to be one of the most important days of your life, and you will want to remember it forever. While wedding photographers can capture beautiful details of your big day and having a wedding album can allow you to re-live the memories, many brides end up wishing they had hired a wedding videographer to film the events of the day. Have your wedding and reception on film gives a totally different perspective than photographs, and your wedding video can become a cherished memento. Before hiring a wedding videographer, make sure to consider the following:

Watch Demos

Before narrowing down wedding videographers, it is in your best interest to watch demo films from several different videographers. This will give you the opportunity to get an idea of their style and how they edit the footage. If you request to see a demo but a videographer says that they are unable to provide one, it is a good idea to move on. 

Who Will Be Shooting the Wedding

Some larger wedding videogrpahy studios employ several videographers. If you meet with a specific videographer from a studio and are interested in booking him or her, make sure that he or she will be the one that actually shows up on your wedding day. The best way to ensure this is by having this information included in the vendor contract.

What is Included

When it comes to weddings, budget is a factor for most couples, so it can be important to select vendors who offer great service as well as value. When interviewing wedding videographers, make sure you know exactly what their fees include. Ask how many hours they will be on location, whether there will be an assistant operating a second camera, and whether the price includes a copy of the film. Also make sure to inquire if their quoted price includes all charges for editing the footage. Since all videographers charge for their services differently, knowing this information will make it easier to compare different professionals before signing a contract.

Who Holds the Copyright

In a lot of cases, videographers retain the rights to the footage that they shoot at your wedding, so you will have to buy extra copies from them or purchase a copyright release from them to reproduce the video yourself. If you want to have more control over your wedding footage, hire a videogrpaher who includes a copyright release within his or her package price. 

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4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Wedding Videographer
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