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Four Things To Remember Before Filming Your Kickstarter Video

Filming a video and launching a Kickstarter campaign gives you the chance to raise funds from total strangers to help your project's dream come true. But before you press the camera's "Record" button, there's plenty of preparation to do to ensure your video stands above the rest. Instead of rushing into the video, take a little time to plan the project thoroughly, and all the extra steps you take may very well be the difference between a failure and a success.

Write, Rehearse and Rehearse Again

It can be tempting to turn on the camera and make an impassioned plea for money in a single take. "It's more genuine that way," you tell yourself. While this sentiment might be true, you'll do yourself far more good to carefully develop a script, run it past friends and family members, and listen to constructive feedback. When you get the script finished, rehearse it. And then rehearse it again. And again. The sentiment that practice makes perfect is a cliche, but it's an accurate one in this situation.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

The best Kickstarter videos are those that leave an impact on the person watching. And while it might be your project that leaves this impact, it's often the way you present it. Think of something better than simply sitting in front of the camera and making your pitch. Create a memorable sketch, sing a song, do something zany, recruit a local celebrity or find any other way for your video to stand out. This approach can take you outside your comfort zone, especially if you're an introvert, but is often necessary if you want people to connect with your video.

Create a Hook

Everyone's busy these days, and with so many viewing options online, it's impractical to expect that the average person will sit through your 10-minute video. In general, the shorter and punchier you can make it, the better. Try to give your entire pitch in under three minutes and make sure to use an enticing hook in the first 10 seconds. That's the amount of time, on average, you have to capture the viewer's attention and convince him or her to keep watching.

Aim for Professionalism

No one's asking you to rent a film crew for the day, but a well-shot, well-lit video stands head and shoulders above one shot with your smartphone held at arm's length. Ask around your circle of friends to see who has equipment you can borrow or visit a film equipment store and rent a camera, light stand and lapel microphone for the day. If the latter two elements aren't in your budget, find a spot outside where it's bright but you're not washed out and don't film on a windy day, as doing so hurts the sound quality. 

Keep these tips in mind for your Kickstarter video production, and good luck on your new venture!

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